Honor Bound Series – All Posts

This was the first time I reviewed a series as long and elaborate as this (and I’m sure it won’t be the last!). While I was posting it at my usual schedule of one every 15 days, there’s no reason for you to have to go to every post individually; you can check all of them out from here!

Book 1 – Honor Bound

Book 2 – Blood & Honor

Book 3 – Secret Honor

Book 4 – Death & Honor

Book 5 – The Honor of Spies

Book 6 – Victory & Honor

Book 7 – Empire & Honor

3 thoughts on “Honor Bound Series – All Posts

  1. Which was your favorite book of the series and how would’ve liked the book to proceed from there, differently?


    1. My favourite would definitely be the third book in the series – Secret Honor. It has the subtle machinations of master spies, an honest account of how investigations proceed, and real world descriptions of rival spy agencies trying to one up each other.

      It is also the last one authored only by W. E. B. Griffin, and I would’ve liked the series to continue with the story built up till here, with Cletus, Peter and Boltitz being the primary characters for the rest of the series!


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