Honor Bound Series Book 4: Death & Honor – W. E. B. Griffin

Death & Honor picks up from the closing events of Secret Honor. Following Korvettenkapitän Karl Boltitz’s discovery of Hans-Peter von Wachstein as the traitor in the embassy and the German Ambassador’s intercession, Peter takes Boltitz with him to meet Cletus Frade and to explain the situation to him. Arriving at Cletus’ estancia with Boltitz, Peter […]

Honor Bound Series Book 2: Blood & Honor – W. E. B. Griffin

Blood & Honor takes place about two months after the events of Honor Bound. After successfully carrying out his mission of destroying a “neutral” vessel replenishing German submarines in Argentine territorial waters, Cletus Frade and Tony Pelosi have returned to USA; with accompanying medals and promotions for their valorous actions. The third member of the […]

The Madonnas of Leningrad – Debra Dean

War becomes such a larger than life affair that the everyday struggles of civilians are often forgotten or overlooked in its flash-bang nature. Yet, it is these civilians who, come war, hail or high water, are the ones who plod through their daily lives while the fight rages on around them; and in the end […]

The Man from St. Petersburg – Ken Follett

The boundaries of Europe, the allegiances of the various empire-countries and their motivations were vastly different and infinitely more convoluted during the Great War than they were during World War 2. The rigid socio-political norms of the time were accompanied by class upheavals in almost all the participant countries, which had a butterfly effect on […]

1945: A Novel – Robert Conroy

The scale and number of twists and turns World War 2 had over a span of a few years has been fodder for multiple generations of historians and conspiracy theorists alike. Not the ones to be left out, many writers too have successfully utilized the ‘What if?’ trope of writing (popularly known as Alternate History […]

Look Who’s Back – Timur Vermes

Look Who’s Back isn’t a book on World War 2 per se; but it features two aspects that made me want to review it here – the presence of Adolf Hitler as the primary character, and the dark undertone of the book that reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the […]

All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

Once in a while, you come across a story that is extremely simple on the surface, but as you read it and finish it, it keeps tugging at your memory with its subtle layers. Then you pick it up and read it again, and slowly the layers all become visible simultaneously and you see it […]